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Cursor not moving when using wireless feature?

Posted: Tue 6. Aug 2019, 16:40
by kuhken
This noon I tried to use the wireless feature of my Intuos (2015) tablet like I regularly do. However when both my computer and tablet on, the cursor would not move even though the light at the top of the tablet flickered to show the hold and release of pressure.
Here's some info:
i recently bought a new charger cord.
this wireless attachment is fairly new and not bought second hand
my tablet was and is still in the 90s for how charged it is
it works fine when plugged in (though this is not my prefered way of use)
i uninstalled and reinstalled the latest driver
it was working perfectly fine at 2:30 am and it is now 12:30 pm

the cursor moves in no way unless the tablet is plugged in or i am using my computer's trackpad.
the wacom desktop center says there is no tablet connected while bluetooth says otherwise?

What is the problem here? and how could i fix it?

Re: Cursor not moving when using wireless feature?

Posted: Wed 7. Aug 2019, 07:20
by wacom5
The Intuos (2015) does not work with Bluetooth. The kit will incluse a USB dongle which is paired from factory with the transmitter. You need to plug this USB dongle to your computer.
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