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Wacom Intuos Pro Large (2017) display lag/cursor lag: slow pen movements

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Wacom Intuos Pro Large (2017) display lag/cursor lag: slow pen movements

Postby Meililyxue » Tue 20. Aug 2019, 00:46

[TLDR1]: Strange display lag that causes line strokes to appear much after drawing them + are difficult to control. Problem not seen with other “lag” issues or other tablets on the same driver.

[TLDR2]: How can I return this to Amazon (from another continent?)

Sorry for the long post! Trying to be as detailed as possible.

Hello everyone! I own an Intuos Pro (2017, PTH-860) and have been experiencing very strange display lag when I try to draw with it. The reason I’m calling this ‘very strange display lag’ is because it doesn’t exhibit the same lagging properties as a number of other problems I’ve seen on this thread, such as jitters or sudden straight lines following curved movement. I’ve never encountered this lag problem since the first Wacom Bamboo tablet I’ve had since 2013. I also own a Wacom Intuos Small (2018, CTL-400).

Both the Intuos Small and Intuos Pro Large run on the same driver (6.3.36-1). I only have this tablet driver on my laptop (Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-6500U CPU, 512 GB of SSD). The refresh rate is also set to 60 Hz for both my laptop and the monitor that I use to draw with, so I don’t think it’s a refresh rate issue. The Intuos Small performs flawlessly, which leads me to believe that the problem is not with the driver, but instead with the tablet. A tablet that costs about 1/7th the retail price of the Intuos Pro functions much better…

The lag makes it nearly impossible to draw – I’ve had a few friends who own Wacom tablets come over to test out the lag on my tablet and they think that it’s a dud. My family members have tried drawing with both tablets, and they are always shocked and find it very difficult to navigate the usage on the Pro. I’ve tested out Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and even MS Paint! The problem occurs in all of them. I’ve also watched videos with Wacom Intuos Pro tablets and haven’t seen the same lag, and I’ve trouble-shooting in a variety of means (re-installing the driver, laptop restart, fiddling with the tablet and pen properties, etc.). I’ve gone through the Wacom forum and this subreddit, searching for key words (lag + Intuos Pro), but the problems aren’t the same as what I’m encountering. This is not a Bluetooth problem either, as my tablet is always connected with a cable. It’s also a pretty peculiar lag – its lag in what I’d consider the plainest sense: the cursor slowly makes its way across the screen much after I’ve moved the pen. That being said, there is no issue with pressure or any other tablet functions from what I can tell.

Simple art projects that would take me much less time on my old tablet are taking me hours longer on the Pro because of its weird lag and the need to fix strokes because they’re so difficult to control.

I really wanted to love this drawing tablet, but I cannot – this weird lag is literally putting me off digital art. It’s so difficult to control the strokes and when making a number of straight strokes in a row, it’s really hard to make them come out straight. The pen feels weirdly heavy and sometimes it’s manageable to draw with it, but it really puts a strain on my arm. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to rectify this/minimize (or get rid of) this display lag? I’d really appreciate it! Thank you in advance for reading this post.

Otherwise, I understand that Wacom’s warranty is one or two-years depending where you live, and that Amazon is a certified retailer. I bought this tablet off (as I was a Canadian student studying abroad at the time of buying), and had it shipped to the US. Hence, I’m not sure if this warranty would apply to the US/EU/Canada (where I live), or how I would go about returning this since I did buy it off of Under which domain does this apply to, Wacom EU's? Can anything be done from North America?

Thanks in advance and for reading this post!

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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro Large (2017) display lag/cursor lag: slow pen movements

Postby wacom5 » Tue 20. Aug 2019, 10:12

I think you should contact our support and try to troubleshoot the issue. This is most likely a software issue.
They can also help you with your warranty questions.
Need immediate help? Contact our Support:

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