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Recent driver update

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Joined: Sun 18. Dec 2016, 15:05

Recent driver update

Postby Sidepeek » Sun 18. Dec 2016, 15:17

Since even your website isn't working well I am choosing the forum to get in touch with you.
After pushing the "send" button of the contact form on the wacom europe page, there is only an error message. So can't send you an email.
My issue is as follows:
Since last driver-update weird things are going on, cursor freezes etc.
Sometimes have to remove batteries to get it going again.
You screwd up the driver.
I must tell you I am not very content with my tablet. Probably wouldn't buy ist again. Especially spending so much money. And it is always a software matter. Cloud sometimes doesn't work, driver updates have to be done manually, battery status is a rough estimation of power remaining, working with pen in lightroom a delay often occurs before, etc.
Please fix driver, I don't understand how things can be screwed up again after they have worked. At least better than now.

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Joined: Sun 18. Dec 2016, 18:59

Re: Recent driver update

Postby Adimaris » Sun 18. Dec 2016, 19:04

I actually thought the exact same thing. Tried to write an email to the support, didn't work.
I'm having driver issues all the time, this driver literally screws my whole PC. It's quite a shame that i spent so much money for a tablet which can't even work properly just because Wacom can't get their stuff done.

I redownloaded and uninstalled the driver so many times, tried out other drivers, and my tablet won't work.
It isn't even detected by the Wacom Center anymore, I can't get into the settings, even after I uninstalled EVERYTHING.

I am so done.

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Joined: Sun 18. Dec 2016, 15:05

Re: Recent driver update

Postby Sidepeek » Tue 20. Dec 2016, 12:06

... and no reply from Wacom.
Well, I'm used to this. Last time I contacted Support, I had to wait several weeks!!!!
This is not what I understand a decent Support for an expensive product and a brand which obviously claims to be especially sophisticated and "tres chick". Wacom is able to send you tons of advertising mails but not to respond to their customers!
Is one of the Forum Moderators able to tell me if Wacom is at least working on the problem?

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Joined: Sun 18. Dec 2016, 15:05

Re: Recent driver update

Postby Sidepeek » Sun 25. Dec 2016, 15:32

and still no answer...
but another issue: Wacom doesn't see that I'm working in lightroom, so can't use defined ExpressKeys.
I'm so pissed.
And the worst is this policy to not answer questions!

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Joined: Tue 27. Dec 2016, 08:18

Re: Recent driver update

Postby ignifero » Tue 27. Dec 2016, 08:22

I'm having the same issue here.
My intuos art is not being detected by the control center and the settings are irresponsible. As if I was drawing with the mouse...
I've purchased the Wacom a month ago and I'm having so many software issues that I cannot work with it.

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Joined: Tue 29. Nov 2016, 09:49

Re: Recent driver update

Postby wacom4 » Wed 28. Dec 2016, 16:27

I have taken the liberty to open cases in our support ticketing system for the three of you.
Your cases will need some troubleshooting.
Please lookout for mails from the mail domain. Thanks.

And: In case of macOS please check if the latest driver version from helps.

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