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Pen acting like it's out of ink?

Posted: Sun 3. Nov 2019, 00:36
by PixelWeaver
I'm working on an Intuos Pro PTH-660, with a stylus pen that I assume is a fairly recent model since it doesn't have an eraser. I've been using those for a few months now, with no incident, but for a few days now, on and off, the pen has started acting like it's out of ink on Photoshop. When I say out of ink, I mean that it's like unless I press the pen fairly hard on the tablet, it'll stop working, like it has a limited ink charge per stroke, and even through many strokes sometimes. The problem doesn't seem to happen when I press the pen hard.

I'm using mostly the mixer brush when using the pen, staying at 0% mixing capacity and 100% charge most of the time, which is why I know it's not coming from there. Now I'm aware that it can be a Photoshop bug, and if it is, then it's a relief. I've tried changing the tip of the pen, with no success. I'm really just wondering if it's not a known bug or something like that. If it's a defect of the chip inside, there's probably nothing I can do.


Re: Pen acting like it's out of ink?

Posted: Mon 4. Nov 2019, 15:45
by wacom5
Does this also happen in any other drawing software? The original pen that comes with the PTH-660 has an eraser. Do you still have it? If yes, can you test it to see if the same happens.

In any case, you should 100% contact our support -