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Touch ring settings

Posted: Tue 10. Dec 2019, 12:52
by evellion
Somehow when I set up my tablet on my old computer, it was set up so that the touch ring was used just to scroll up/down on a page or image and it did this consistently without me having to hover or click on actual navigation bars.
Now that it's connected to a new computer, I can't get it to do the same thing.
I'll set it to scroll, which it will do for about five seconds until I need to use any other function, at which point it stops working and won't scroll at all, or it will switch to pan instead of scroll. So if I need to scroll and then draw a line, then scroll again, I can't do this without just using my mouse instead. I've tried a number of settings that I thought would fix it, but it isn't working. How do I get this to work?

Re: Touch ring settings

Posted: Tue 10. Dec 2019, 16:24
by wacom5
Can you provide more details like Operating system, tablet model, driver version?