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Why no new Intuos XL

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Postby HubertusausBerlin » Thu 10. Dec 2020, 13:00

Hey Wacom5. Bur thanks for your effort and the answer!

Of course, that sounds stupid to all XL users. However, I believe that the survey is disorted. I keep hearing that all XL users, like me, are still using their old XL Intuos 4 - because there are simply no new products in this size - and because that they are still running (e.g. you can still get the Intuos 4 on Amazon acquire) even if not optimal anymore. But what happens when they are no longer supported?

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Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Postby GarBish » Wed 17. Feb 2021, 13:05

Id like to add to this discussion. Im working on an Intuos 4 PTK 1240, the smaller sizes are poor substitutes for me too.

Ive been using wacom tablets for 27 years now, when I started retouching they were the only size used by professionals to my knowledge.
When Im working, the movements I have to make are more like traditional drawing; the movements are coming from my whole arm and I can be super accurate. We have some younger retouchers starting out at our office and they use smaller tablets but fail to be as accurate in their work as I can on my Intuos 4. When using the smaller versions, the movement and main pivet point while working becomes the wrist and Im yet to see any retoucher work as smooth and accurate as you can on the large size.

I can understand Wacom's position, not sure what Ill do after they no longer work or are supported. Its a little like Concorde being discontinued, the larger versions are clearly better but are not cost effective to make.

Dont give up Wacom, bigger truly is better!!


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