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Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Wed 18. Dec 2019, 14:30
by mladenp
Hello Wacom community,

i'm working on Wacom pen tablets for the past 25 years. Started with a tiny ArtPad 2, but soon i realised that professional retouching on dual displays works best with bigger tablets. I used different Large versions of Intuos tablets, but when I upgraded to two 27" 2560 x 1440 screens i had to get the XL version which i'm using for the past 5 years.

The lack of a new XL version of the recent Intuos Pro series is very concerning. The Driver still works with the old PTK-1240, but i'm afraid that wouldn’t last very long.

All retouching professionals that I know, still use the XL version and everyone is concerned.

I tried to work with the smaller Large version, but because of the smaller size it is too fast and with very low precision.

I also tried the Display Toggle, but this is no option for me either. It just another button which i need to click and it changes my workflow drastically. Same for the Precision Mode.

What are your suggestions or hints. How do you work with smaller tablets on bigger screens.

Do you think that we can expect a new XL Intuos?

many thanks!

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Mon 4. May 2020, 10:16
by mladenp
Really? No replies!?
How do you work with all these small tablets?
Where should I post my request?

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Tue 5. May 2020, 09:59
by wacom5
You posted in the right place but I have no answer to add. We are not aware of any new XL tablet coming the last generation was the Intuos 4 which is 4 generations old. I will forward your feedback to the team.

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Mon 18. May 2020, 13:51
by HubertusausBerlin

Yes - I wait already for an update of the XL tablet for years too!

I am an illustrator and graphic designer, working on a 27 "Mac and a second 27" monitor for the many tool windows.

I often have to switch between drawing and grafic elements. When it comes to drawing, I'm dependend on finely coordinated movements that only enable a optimal projection. Even the L surface (which makes up just half of the XL) is still too small for me and the movements are too fast.

I have been working with Wacom tablets for almost 20 years - and I cannot understand that one of the most important work tools is suddenly no longer updated in the usual way.

Are there no plans for a new XL pen tablet?

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Tue 19. May 2020, 09:23
by HubertusausBerlin
Here again to illustrate the large projection differences between the currently largest pen tablet Intuos Pro L and the old Intuos XL:

x Intuos Pro L: 31.1cm x 21.6cm / 12.3 '' x 8.5 ''

x Intous 4 XL (: 48.7 cm x 30.4 cm / 19.1 '' x 11.9 ''

You can see the difference is huge!

An idea would also be if there were an extra long pen tablet for designers with two monitors.

After all, it is completely normal for many designers, illustrators, etc. to work with two large monitors.

I know a lot of colleagues who have been working with the Intuos 4 XL for years. And there is still no adequate replacement!

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Thu 28. May 2020, 09:44
by laptopleon
I too have been using Wacom tablets for decades.

I too am frustrated by the often weird choices in design and technical options Wacom made through the years, the high prices and the spotty driver support.

They simply pulled the plug on supporting older Wacoms at one point, no longer updating the drivers to macOS, effectively bricking their own hardware.

At one point, this complete forum was just wiped clean. All the info about – for example – working around the missing drivers was also deleted.

Wacom users are few and far apart. It's a small niche. There are very few people who can afford the Cintiqs or larger tablets, specially in the creative business. I know Wacom likes to show of with creative stuff, but most Wacom users are not illustrators on a Mac but technical drawers on a PC.

Even if you find your way here, they send you to the support mail but you don't get anything more then what is already on the 'help pages': Re-install and else 'It must be your computer because no one else is reporting this to us.'

There are often more Wacom topics on other forums, like than there are here..

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Fri 29. May 2020, 13:39
by HubertusausBerlin
Hey Leon.

Understand what you mean.

Although I have had over many years very good experiences with Wacom so far. There were and still are drivers for Mac OS (... even if my Intuos 4 XL just makes me tick - and apparently nobody can help me - and that makes me very sad ... ).

I also always thought that a lot of creatives and illustrators like me would work with Wacom tablets, what other devices should they use otherwise? It is all the more surprising that nobody seems to complain or ask that there are no current XL versions. As I said and shown - the projection difference is huge ...

LG, H.

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Thu 22. Oct 2020, 21:14
by machine
indeed! Exactly this! I have been working on several XL size wacoms for 15 years. Every one of my colleagues, and now many of my colleagues/competitors are using the intros 4 XL (because the intros 2 is no longer supported all of a sudden!!) OR they use the smaller intuos pro L, just because it is the largest available Wacom.
I was certain that a new XL size version would be released, but me and many others are afraid that this won't happen anymore. This makes me nervous. What if my XL Wacom dies... With my 2 displays on 1 Wacom, even a L sized Wacom would be too small. My 3rd display for mail and music has its own small Wacom, but splitting my work area (2 main displays) into 2 Wacoms would NOT be good to work with.
PLEASE Wacom, don't let us down: I'm certain that many professional retouchers/illustrators/... are waiting for a new XL tablet to be released

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Wed 25. Nov 2020, 08:52
by HubertusausBerlin
Wacom5 wanted to pass the request on to the staff team in May - was there maybe a feetback and a perspective?

Re: Why no new Intuos XL

Posted: Mon 30. Nov 2020, 09:46
by wacom5
Sorry but I am not really expecting an answer. I just reported that a few customers were asking about a new generation XL tablet.
We stopped producing the The Intuos 4 in 2012 and it has already been replaced by 3 following generations Intuos 5, Intuos Pro and Wacom Intuos Pro (2017) without a new XL version.
The Intuos 4 XL initial stock lasted all these next generation tablet life cycles. Which shows us that this is a very niche product within a niche that is already small as well. In other words, not enough people buy this product to justify making new versions. Most customer that work in the area, have either moved to L size tablets, or to large Pen displays.