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Wacom tablet pressure input for Windows batch scripts

Posted: Wed 25. Dec 2019, 13:55
by misol101
Hello everyone,
This might seem like an odd topic (and it is), but I come from the forum, which is about writing Windows batch scripts (mostly).

For reasons, I coded a C language executable that could read Wacom pressure input while in the Cmd window (to be used in scripts). I have written about it here:

The executable was built around the code example called ”Pressure Test” at

To make a long story short, I would like to:
(1) best case: find someone with knowledge on how to get the pressure range of the current tablet using the C API, OR
(2): atleast get feedback on the pressure range of different Wacom tablets (I think they are different, but I’m not 100% sure). The range for my Intuous S is 0-32768.

If you would be so kind to help out about (2), please download the archive at: . Then run cmd_wacom_input.exe, and draw with the tablet *with maximum pressure* on the window that pops up, and read the value after ”LEFT”.

If your maximum value is around 32768, then you should also be able to successfully run draw_chars.bat, a small drawing script for the cmd window. (If your maximum value is not close to that, you would have to make a small change to draw_chars.bat, in the line that divides by 129, so that the maximum value divided by the given value falls below 256 (e.g if your maximum pressure value is 10000, then divide by 40 to always go below 256)). Obviously this manual tweaking is what I would like to avoid by finding out the answer to (1) above.

Thank you!

Re: Wacom tablet pressure input for Windows batch scripts

Posted: Sat 4. Jan 2020, 19:27
by misol101
Was fixed (archive above was updated), so I no longer need help with this. The output is now scaled based on pressure range and should be between 0-32767 regardless of which tablet is used.