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Intuos Pro Medium - bluetooth issue - no blue light

Posted: Thu 23. Jan 2020, 18:23
by BluePlanet99
I have a Intuos Pro Medium model PTH-651 and i'm trying to pair it on a Win10 system.
Trying to pair but i'm not getting the blue light on tablet.
I'm following this video but i don't have a light near my usb port as the video suggests.
Only lights i have are around the touch ring.
I have a bluetooth mouse connected to this pc so i know the pc is ok.
Powering on and holding down touch ring is not working.

This Intuous was connected to my old pc running Win7, but i don't remember what i had to do get it pair.

Any suggestions?

Re: Intuos Pro Medium - bluetooth issue - no blue light

Posted: Fri 24. Jan 2020, 08:08
by wacom5
The device on the video is a Wacom Intuos Pro the version from 2017. Model number's are PTH-*60. These models support Bluetooth connection and the pairing steps are shown in the video you linked.

The PTH-651 is the previous Intuos Pro generation and does no have bluetooth. The wireless connection is established through the Wireless Kit. See here: