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Unable to update firmware of my Intuos Pro - macOS Catalina

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Re: Unable to update firmware of my Intuos Pro - macOS Catalina

Postby PAFEROL » Mon 5. Oct 2020, 19:32

Well, I'm check the latest firmware of tablet, pencil and touch and I have the latest firmware, soft and drivers install on my MacBook Pro 16...

I thinking that this upgrade is a joke, a bug of Wacom, because my drivers and my firmware version is the latest (I can see this version's in my wacom control panel and in the info system Catalina 10.5.7 trough About this mac)

I hope that wacom solve this or answer here what about this issue


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Re: Unable to update firmware of my Intuos Pro - macOS Catalina

Postby rclaycock » Tue 6. Oct 2020, 12:11

gmdamato wrote:Hi Guys! Have the same problem since a couple of days... find out something that finally let me install the firmware.
The problem I guess is the gatekeeper.

Open the Wacom Desktop Center
Select Update, and try to update the the firmware.
It will open a window and download the firmware.
Open a finder window and keep it next...
Press update. You will see in the finder window that it will mount an image called: FirmwareUpdate...
Click there (as fast as you can) and you will see a folder and 2 files. Copy everything to the desktop.
Then press Yes, finish with the whole thing and it will failed as it is happening now...
Ok, from those files you copied, Control+Click FirmwareUpdater and click on Show Package Content... There is a folder called MacOs, enter there, and double click on the FirmwareUpdater file. This will open the terminal. And then I will try to do the firmware update. Put Yes and should open a firmware app. Close that app... I think in the middle told me I cannot open it or something...
Anyway, go to system preferences, go go Security & Privacy, and click on the lock putting your password...
Go to Privacy, Input Monitoring, and then you will see listed FirmwareUpdater... click on the checklist...
wow this is long... now, go back to the wacom desktop center... updates... and do the update... this time it should work... at least worked fine for me...
hope it helps!

Extending on from this, the FAR easier method
- Have the Security & Privacy > Privacy > Input Monitoring open.
- Initiate the firmware updater,
- DON'T press YES on the updater window yet.
- Open the DMG on the desktop & Drag the from the DMG into the Input Monitoring list.
- Return to the open firmware updater app and press yes.

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