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Intuos Pro 2017 USB Question

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Intuos Pro 2017 USB Question

Postby Fritzaimee » Mon 13. Mar 2017, 17:36

ah I have a question: I just bought this tablet and I've been completely paranoid over the internal usb port inside the tablet. I've noticed when I plug and and plug out the tablet it's actually really hard to pull out and I even had to wriggle it out which worries me of what that can do the internal usb connection inside the tablet. It's great that it's secure but I'm worried i will cause internal usb port damage and render the wired connection useless like how my intuos 5 died whenever I plug and unplug my tablet. of course when plugged in the usb c connection head does not wiggle so is it just that every new intuos pro tablet just has a firmer and deeper internal connection or am I going completely paranoid over damaging this tablet from pulling the cord out. please someone lemme know if the plug Is also hard to pull out when unplugging the tablet and if it will or will not damage the tablet? The tablet model is the new 2017 model. Yes I know it has Bluetooth but I trust a wired connection.

Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question but losing my intuos 5 due to an internal usb connection that wasn't soldered on properly really cost me a lot of money so naturally I'm paranoid over the same thing happening to this beautiful new tablet which by the way is just fantastic (:

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Re: Intuos Pro 2017 USB Question

Postby axcel3D » Tue 21. Mar 2017, 22:15

I will make it loose first, and yes, u might damage it eventually.

How did you connect pth-660 with pc? Where is this damn bluetooth adapter?

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Re: Intuos Pro 2017 USB Question

Postby wacom1 » Wed 22. Mar 2017, 08:16

If you unplug and replug a cable connector often, it might eventually stop working. USB-C is a fairly new connector, but should be better than older connectors. - Bluetooth is build into the tablet and connects to Bluetooth on your computer. If your machine does not have Bluetooth you would need a separate BT adapter.

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