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Intuos tablet glitching after latest driver update; 6.3.38-2

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Joined: Fri 21. Feb 2020, 15:36

Intuos tablet glitching after latest driver update; 6.3.38-2

Postby SnazzyGator » Fri 21. Feb 2020, 16:12

I own a 2018 Intuos S, pen+touch, no bluetooth. After updating the driver on the 14th, it's experiencing issues in Paint Tool SAI. Not only that but while the tablet is plugged in, it messes with my mouse as well.
While using the tablet, the cursor will randomly start flickering between an area last clicked not on the canvas, and to where I have the stylus currently. So if I minimize SAI, then click it on the taskbar to get back in, after a short time [about a minute], the cursor will start jumping between where I put it, and exactly where I clicked on SAI's icon to bring it back up again. This also happens with the minimize button, or anywhere else if I switch programs quickly. It gets pretty violent if I don't unplug the tablet, and stops registering certain clicks/lines drawn, making it pretty impossible to use for anything but very short drawing sessions. With my mouse, when the tablet is plugged in, the cursor will be very rarely tugged in a random direction suddenly. This only happens with the tablet plugged in but might not be a direct relation to it.

I tried using the tablet in both MS Paint [yes] and Clip Studio Paint PRO; it works fine in Paint and I thought it was fine in CSP before it started to flicker there too, much less so and it didn't seem to actually effect anything but visuals, though it was still frustrating.

Now unfortunately, I also did a bunch of windows updates at the same time, for Windows 8.1. None were things regarding mouse or input drivers, but you never know. Regardless I tested uninstalling all the windows update drivers and seeing if that fixed it, nothing happened. I tried uninstalling the latest Wacom driver and downloading the previous, and that didn't fix it, either. I've unplugged my mouse, switched USB ports for both it and my tablet many times, both disabled and uninstalled my mouse driver at points to see if the tablet would function properly, but it didn't improve at all.

The newest Windows updates I installed are; KB4537821, KB4534134, KB4532946, KB4532940, and KB4524445.
Any ideas or help on what this could be or how I could fix it? I don't think the tablet is damaged its self, calibration and use is fine when it isn't glitching.

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Re: Intuos tablet glitching after latest driver update; 6.3.38-2

Postby wacom5 » Tue 25. Feb 2020, 09:41

We would need to collect driver logs to better understand that is happening. Can you please contact our support -
Need immediate help? Contact our Support:

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