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Intuos 4 PTK-640 pen problem

Posted: Sat 21. Mar 2020, 20:59
by kowski
Hey guys, So in the middle of working my pen suddenly started behaving strangely. I now have to press quite hard to register any sort of feedback. While before even gently touching the pen to the tablet surface would register contact I know have to press down much harder. The eraser end on the other hand seems to work fine which makes me suspect it is a hardware problem.

I made a video showing the problem:

I have tried:
changing the tip feel to soft
adjusting the click threshold
updating drivers
restarting computer

If any of you guys have seen this problem before or know how to fix it please let me know, thanks!

Re: Intuos 4 PTK-640 pen problem

Posted: Mon 23. Mar 2020, 16:17
by wacom5
You probably need a replacement pen. You can confirm if this is a hardware issue by opening the tablet settings, clicking on "About" and then "Diagnose". If the tablet does not register pressure with a gentle touch of the nib on the tablet then the pen is definitely defective.