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Wacom Intuos Pro M – Low performance/resolution

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Wacom Intuos Pro M – Low performance/resolution

Postby stoltenberg » Sat 4. Apr 2020, 18:01

Hi there.

Today i took my dust covered Wacom Intuos Pro M (PTH-651) out of the shelf, to install it on my new Mac.
After buying it, some years ago, I was pretty disappointed and blaimed my vintage MacBook.

Unfortunately there is no improvement on the new machine. Strange thing: The touch-modus is pretty fast
and fluid and it can easily catch up with my high-resolution Zowie mouse. But using the Grip Pen and the
Wacom Mouse feels like 36 dpi again.

So my honest question: What I am doing wrong or are my requirements just to high?
I'm running macos 10.14 and latest driver, but had this issue with older versions too.

Thank You!

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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro M – Low performance/resolution

Postby wacom5 » Mon 6. Apr 2020, 08:21

It's hard to answer this question without seeing what you seem but probably the issue is that you expect the pen and tablet to behave in a certain way which is different from how they actually work.

In the standard mode, the tablet will work with absolute positioning meaning that the whole tablet surface will be mapped to your whole desktop. When you move the pen, you may perceive this a slow but this gives you better precision and control. If you rather have shorter movements, you can either set the pen to mouse mode, or change the mapping to a shorter are of the tablet.
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