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wacom intuos medium issues. Possible pen problem?

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wacom intuos medium issues. Possible pen problem?

Postby koburachan » Tue 7. Apr 2020, 07:24

I am hoping that there is someone out there that can help me with this problem I am having with my Wacom.

Its been going on for a few months. My wacom is only new, its probably just under a year old if that.

There are several issues that occure but I believe they all seem to be connected some how.

Program I'm using is Clipart Studio but I have also tried using several other different programs and the issue still occurs.

First issue. When I'm drawing and I move the pen off the board and hover it [5-10 inches away from tablet], the wacom still registers the pen movement as if its still touching very lightly on the tablet which it isn't. The lines are very faint but can be spotted easily once things are outlined and even more so coloured wise. The pen doesn't seem to move off the canvas during this moment and I can't seem to stop it unless I suddenly use my mouse which as you can imagine having to switch between pen and mouse is really annoying.

Second issue. If I move off the canvas and to the many side bars. It doesn't matter if I've pulled the down button on the scroll bar or gone off to hit another tool to use, it always seems that the wacom registers the pen still holding down as if I've tried to drag the tool across and for the scroll bar well, it just seems like I've dragged and scroll bar and not let go. If that makes sense?

I'm not sure if the issue is with the wacom or the pen.
I originally thought it might have been the tab in the pen and I've changed it several times and also made sure that the tab wasn't pushed in too hard that it could still trigger a sensor in the pen.
I also went to the length of using another computer thats higher upgraded then my current laptop which is a 2016 laptop with windows 10 on it.
Neither change to computers or programs has ceased the issue so I now know its not an issue with clipart studio.

And for those that are about to say that I need to change the settings in clipart studio, I have done so too many times to count and no matter what setting I have I am still left with the same issue.

I've even gone to the point of restarting computer, uninstalling programs and reinstalling them. Uninstalling wacom, re-installing it. Reinstalling device, checking for updates. Doing a trouble shoot and it always comes back with there being nil issues.

So does anyone know what might be going on?
I can try and record the issues if that also helps?

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Re: wacom intuos medium issues. Possible pen problem?

Postby wacom5 » Tue 14. Apr 2020, 08:45

This is 100% a pen hardware issue. The pressure sensor is made of matter that alters conductivity when compressed - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezoelectric_sensor if you are curious. When you touch the pen on surface of the tablet this applies pressure to the sensor and when you lift then pen the sensor should return to it's original shape. What is happening is that the sensor is not returning to it's original shape as it should. This can happen after very intensive use with heavy pressure being applied.
Please remove the pen nib and let the pen rest for 24 hours either sideways or with the tip facing down using the pen stand. This should allow the sensor to fully relax and restore the original properties. If the issue persists after this you will need to contact support: https://support.wacom.com
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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