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Catalina - Intuos-4 PTK-640

Posted: Mon 18. May 2020, 12:57
by gsymon
I upgraded my Intuos 4 for Catalina a few weeks ago and it was working fine. I haven't use it for a while and now find that the tablet is no longer recognised (No Wacom device connected to your computer). The small light is on next to the dial and the tablet works fine on an older Mac running an older MacOS.

• I have *uninstalled* the Wacom Driver and then fresh installed "WacomTablet_6.3.39-1". Sadly there is no change.
• I have checked with a different USB plug and no change there either.
• I have gone through the Security settings to check everything has been installed and it has, except for the FirmwareUpdater. (There are additional items that are installed, which are not mentioned on your Support page ( ... Id=015-916)

I am running MacOS 1.15.4

Can you please tell me if there are any workarounds and that I can perform to get my tablet working again?

Re: Catalina - Intuos-4 PTK-640

Posted: Tue 19. May 2020, 07:40
by thenickdude
You can end up with stale entries in the permissions lists that don't do anything when ticked, and these need to be removed and readded to fix them.

Remove all the Wacom permissions from the Accessibility and Input Monitoring pages using the minus button, then reboot. Try to use the tablet and it should prompt you to re-tick the entries that will reappear in the list for you. It may take one more reboot afterwards for a final permission prompt to appear.

It's nearly never useful to manually add entries into this list, because if the entries are not appearing it means that the driver is not even starting up in order to ask for or use its permissions (so adding the permission will not change the situation).

Re: Catalina - Intuos-4 PTK-640

Posted: Wed 20. May 2020, 18:34
by gsymon
Thanks for the reply thenickdude.

As I mentioned ... I totally uninstalled the Wacom software. That should have removed everything from my Mac and indeed, I actually verified that it had done so in the Privacy/Accessibilty pane. I then reinstalled from zero. Are you saying that something is going wrong at the install stage?

Re: Catalina - Intuos-4 PTK-640

Posted: Sun 31. May 2020, 13:29
by gsymon
Just to add to this, in case it may be useful to someone.

thenickdude was quite correct. Uninstalling, then re-installing from zero, did not fix the problem. I had to manually delete all the Wacom bits from Security prefs, then restart my Mac, at which point I was prompted by the OS that "com.wacom.IOManager" "would like to control this computer using accessibility features". I granted it permissions by checking the boxes in the Security and Privacy Preferences and the Wacom's lights came on.

So thanks for the pointers thenickdude. :) :) :)