NEW tablet drivers 6.3.21-3 for Windows and 6.3.21-5 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Main change is support for the new Cintiq Pro 16 model and a new 'Wacom echo' feature for MobileStudio Pro.

for Windows: Fixed several problems related to touch and [flash=][/flash]lag in Bluetooth connection mode.

for OSX: Resolved some problems on multi-monitor configurations, issues with touch and lag, alos a penclick and dragging issue in certain situations.

NOTE: When you are using a pen with Mac OS X 10.12, your lines might be wavy. What we are doing about it: We are working on a temporary fix to implement in the Wacom driver while Apple investigates the issue.

Intuos 4 pen not detected on Mac Os X 10.12.3

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Intuos 4 pen not detected on Mac Os X 10.12.3

Postby Stevehi » Wed 15. Mar 2017, 18:16

Hi guys,
I'm having difficulty installing my tablet on my mac.
I've tried and re-tried the different drivers on the Wacom website but the pen is still not detected. Install, restart, uninstall, restart, etc...
The tablet buttons work ok but no pen.

Anyone had this problem ?
Is this a problem with Wacom drivers on Mac os X ?


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Re: Intuos 4 pen not detected on Mac Os X 10.12.3

Postby wacom1 » Thu 16. Mar 2017, 07:48

Could be a defective pen. - Can you open the tablet preferences ? Try the eraser end of the pen ? In tablet properties click on About, then diagnostics and test the pen. Move the pen/eraser over the tablet. It is possible also that only a portion of the tablet works.

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