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shaking cursor

Posted: Thu 25. Jun 2020, 00:34
by rodrigounda
Hello friends.
this is my first post in 20 years of using wacom without any issue.
but now:
since a few years mt wacom pens behaves so weirdly.
it shakes when I hold the tip down, without move my hand.
this happens with my intuos 4 s and m and with all my 4 pens.
Could it be a driver issue?
im using windows 10 and cc2014. but this happened too in cs6 versions.

O add a link where it shows the movent i mentioned. ...

Re: shaking cursor

Posted: Thu 25. Jun 2020, 06:43
by wacom5
I assume you are using the latest Wacom Driver.
I have never seen the driver causing this. Could be CC2014 which is very out of date but I doubt it.
It is most likely a hardware issue with the tablet pen sensor. You should contact our support to be sure.