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Dual Screens on Linux

Posted: Sun 19. Jul 2020, 20:44
by lostcarpark

I wonder does anyone have experience with Wacom tablets on Linux dual screen setups.

I'm currently using the One by Wacom, and it works well with a single monitor, but lacks an easy way to switch the tablet to the other monitor.

This tablet doesn't have ExpressKeys, but for tablets that do, can one be assigned to select the current screen in Linux?

Additionally, the tablet doesn't seem to have any way of emulating the scroll wheel on Linux (unless I've missed it). Is scroll wheel possible in Linux on this or other tablets?

I'm mostly happy with the tablet for drawing in Inkscape and Gimp, but I'm finding I have to switch to the mouse for most other functions. I wouldn't mind swapping to a more expensive model if it could provide the missing functions in Linux.

I know Wacom don't have official support for Linux, but hoping people here have some experiences with it.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Dual Screens on Linux

Posted: Mon 20. Jul 2020, 12:29
by wacom4
Maybe can help to answer your questions?