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Bamboo CTH-470 issue

Posted: Tue 15. Sep 2020, 14:56
by didy414
my tablet had always been fine before, but i hadnt used my tablet recently and when i used it yesterday, both pen and touch wont work?
i tried restarting my PC, unplug and replug the tablet, uninstall and reinstall the driver and still wont work. Wacom preference, all buttons on tablet are working fine.
When i start moving the pen somewhere at the top left corner of tablet area, it detects the pen (but not for touch) and it works if i drag the pen around the area without stopping, but the white light goes off if the pen is at the middle part where i usually draw (it has some tiny scratches).
Is it because of the hardware?

Re: Bamboo CTH-470 issue

Posted: Wed 16. Sep 2020, 06:46
by wacom5
It does sound like a Hardware issue. You should contact our support.