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Intuos Medium or Intuos Pro Medium?

Posted: Fri 2. Oct 2020, 08:28
by kinshuk2
Which one should i get? The Intuos Medium or the Intuos Pro Medium?

I will mainly do sketching and inking comic art, a bit coloration as well. I don't think I'll need tilt or rotate options much for that, or do I? I definitely don't need multitouch, as I have a trackpad next the tablet as well. Apart from these differences they should be pretty similar.

How much better does the Pro Pen 2 feel compared to the standard pen?

What about nib wear? Are these new standard Intuos tablets smoother than the Pros surface-wise?

Re: Intuos Medium or Intuos Pro Medium?

Posted: Wed 16. Dec 2020, 16:12
by asdfgh
I'd go with the Pro, rotate is very cool, specially since many brushes change depending on tilt or rotate