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Intuos Pro: Shortcut to switch between Screen Area "Portion" and "Full"?

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Intuos Pro: Shortcut to switch between Screen Area "Portion" and "Full"?

Postby Mandini » Sun 18. Oct 2020, 16:03


I'm thinking of getting an Intuos Pro Large, and since I have a 21:9 ultrawide monitor, I was thinking if the following is possible?
1. Set the "Full" tablet area to a "Portion" of my monitor's screen area in a 1:1 ratio 
2. Set an express key (or any form of Win10 shortcut) to switch from the above "Portion" set-up to a "Full" screen area set-up

When using Photoshop I usually have part of my screen (about 1/3rd) for reference photo(s), while the rest of the screen I use for displaying PS. So the thinking behind this is to maintain a 1:1 ratio and not lose any of the tablet's active area when using PS, since I don't need my entire screen area. But to be able to quickly switch to a "Full" screen area setup when working outside of Photoshop. 

I would be grateful for any ideas :)

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Re: Intuos Pro: Shortcut to switch between Screen Area "Portion" and "Full"?

Postby OlaHaldor » Tue 9. Feb 2021, 09:32

I have a similar question.
I have a 49" ultrawide display (5120x1440 resolution).
I was hoping I could divide the display into two portions and switch between two portions and full display. I can't imagine that would be impossible to do through the driver/Wacom software.

As more and more creatives use ultrawide displays, this is absolutely going to become an increasing problem that requires a solution.

Using the Wacom tablet on a ultrawide makes the pen very sensitive in width, obviously. Drawing something as simple as a circle requires a lot of effort to get right in full display mode.

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Re: Intuos Pro: Shortcut to switch between Screen Area "Portion" and "Full"?

Postby wacom5 » Wed 10. Feb 2021, 07:32

Yes, you can set the pen to a portion of the display. It is not possible to set a shortcut to switch between portions though.
You can however set different portions depending on the App being used.
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