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Two Intuous Pro Mediums - both dead

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Two Intuous Pro Mediums - both dead

Postby spanna » Tue 19. Jan 2021, 04:27

I have two Medium Intuous Pro's medium and neither now work with my computers (Mac).

I'm currently working on a large version of the device and it connects fine. I have tried the different cables, changing batteries around and the power on adaptor but nothing has worked.

These are now third purchases and I feel like they shouldn't fail so quickly/easily. Any suggestions?

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Re: Two Intuous Pro Mediums - both dead

Postby wacom5 » Tue 19. Jan 2021, 13:32

When you say they don't work, what is the exact issue? Pen input doesn't work but touch does? If they are not powering ON at all, have you replaced the cables?
I can't tell for sure what the issue is so maybe you can check with the Customer Support team?
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