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Intuos Pro - Pen Pro 2 Nibs

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Intuos Pro - Pen Pro 2 Nibs

Postby JoeB94 » Thu 21. Jan 2021, 14:55

Hey all,

So I have been enjoying and learning my new Intuos Pro Medium (default standard surface), which I have to say is brilliant & now don't use a mouse for 95% of the time!

However one thing I keep seeing articles about, is how quick the nib degrade &/or can scratch the tab surface.

Now are they really that bad? I am only a very light user of mine, only using it for general moue movement most days (instead of using a mouse now) & then when using it for photo editing, I only use it for sliders & low pressure brush work. I never do any hard pressure stuff.

I have been using the felt nib as read these can help preserve the surface more up to now, however this morning I tried the standard nib again & actually think I prefer that, but since reading lots about easy scratching, especially with the standard nib, I want to see if this realy is the general consensus?

Do any of you guys, use the tab with the standard nibs, with the kind of use (or more) as me, with no problems and no finding of tab surface scratching?

Many Thanks :)

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Re: Intuos Pro - Pen Pro 2 Nibs

Postby wacom5 » Fri 22. Jan 2021, 10:21

Happy to read you have been enjoying your Intuos Pro.
This nibs are made of a material that will wear out against the tablet surface, without scratching it. It is however important to keep the tablet surface clean and change the nibs once they start to get a "chisel". The tablet surface will still naturally wear from contact with skin and clothes, as would any other surface.

As for how fast nibs wear, it really depends on the user.
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