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Is there a Wacom Intuos Pro mouse or not ?.

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Is there a Wacom Intuos Pro mouse or not ?.

Postby jackyjoy123 » Thu 11. Feb 2021, 14:56


When I bought a Wacom Intuos Medium Pro Touch in 2013, it came without a mouse. In the past, often a mouse was included, for example with the Intuos 2 and Graphire2. If not, it was at least available as an extra / accessoire.

I asked the Dutch main dealer and he told me there did not exist an Intuos Pro mouse and therefore it was not for sale.

Now I noticed Intuos mice are for sale on the internet and some sellers claim they also work with the Intuos Pro. I can still not find them on the Wacom site though.
Since Wacom reads all messages before placing them, can you please clarify if there is or is not such a mouse? I would really like to have one.

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Re: Is there a Wacom Intuos Pro mouse or not ?.

Postby wacom5 » Fri 12. Feb 2021, 07:57

We did have a mouse but it has long been discontinued. We do not manufacture them any longer for a few years now.
To be honest, there is no advantage to using the Wacom Mouse over a regular mouse.
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Re: Is there a Wacom Intuos Pro mouse or not ?.

Postby Choreo » Fri 12. Mar 2021, 11:09

There is a HUGE advantage to the Wacom mouse over a regular mouse if using multiple monitors. I have always run (3) 27" monitors in Pen Mode to give me absolute positioning across all three instantly via the Wacom mouse. That is why I have purchased 10 Wacom mice so far as backups as they only last a few months (poorly designed internals). I use the Wacom pen inside Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., but it is lousy for working with everyday apps on multiple monitors.

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