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Intous not working on start up

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Intous not working on start up

Postby madtrace71 » Sun 28. Mar 2021, 12:31

I have had an into pro since 2012 and loved it, but it started being unresponsive and you would regularly need to unplug the power and re plug in to get it to work, but if the computer went to sleep etc, the same would need to happen.. I couldn't afford to replace it (Thanks Covid and no work for a year!!) so bought the medium Intous. This didn't need power and just the one cable. but its even worse, when my computer restarts or is turned on I have to wait ages for it to respond, am pulling my hair out as needed to go back to a mouse, I can't select the user to log in or anything. I have uninstalled re installed software etc. I am working on Catalina 10.15.17. Any advise before I return it to amazon and move away from Wacom completely.

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Re: Intous not working on start up

Postby wacom5 » Thu 15. Apr 2021, 09:19

I hope it's not too late but the issue seems to be related with your Operating System. You can try adding the Wacom Driver to the login items (to give the driver priority over other software). I would check your activity load and see if there are any background tasks running from apps that you don't need.
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