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wacom intous pro no bluetooth signal

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wacom intous pro no bluetooth signal

Postby assafkarass » Sun 9. Apr 2017, 19:36

i have the wacom intous pro. the one that dousnt come with a bluetooth addapter and i couldnt make it broadcast a bluetooth signal. and i benn trying with two different cumputers
i have tried exacly what is discribed in the videos. and to reinstall the most recent deiver several times.still no signal.
the led indicator flashing as it should but i just cant ditact a signal.
it might be a firmware issue. when i updated it i had an error massege. is there a way to delete the firmware inside the tablet so i could update it again?

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Re: wacom intous pro no bluetooth signal

Postby wacom1 » Mon 10. Apr 2017, 06:51

You cannot delete the firmware, but you can try to reset the BT connection. Make sure that you have transfered all data over USB cable connection. Then open the Pro Pen 2, pull out the nib and insert it carfully into the small hole besides the power button. That resets the memory and can help somtimes with Bluetooth connections. - If not, the tabelt may need repair or exchange.

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