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Scratches on intuos pro

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Scratches on intuos pro

Postby Hayflick » Wed 12. Apr 2017, 08:58


Four days ago I received my intuos pro that I started using right away. But yesterday I noticed there were scratches marks on it, so I checked the pen's tip and it's already beveled... So I wanted to know if this was normal or if I'm using it like a barbarian. Should I change the tip and dont apply much pressure from now on ? By the way the little scratches do not dissapear when I wipe them with a cloth.


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Re: Scratches on intuos pro

Postby dream33 » Thu 13. Apr 2017, 02:02

Which intuos pro model exactly do you have?

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Re: Scratches on intuos pro

Postby djeeks44 » Fri 14. Apr 2017, 07:32

I 've had the same a year ago. The pencil tip right out of the box was not OK.
Changed it by a new one and everything is OK. It had nothing to do with wrong pressure.
But it's strange you had the same issue.

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Re: Scratches on intuos pro

Postby henrikmjoberg » Fri 21. Apr 2017, 23:55

Some tips are softer than others in the Intous Pro stand. Although I've had the same issue perhaps a year ago with a black nib. It got really sharp due to the friction against the board, hence I scratched the surface slightly. However that isn't a fault and the surface will get polished and have reduced friction over time with increased use.

If you have a scratch or two that catches the pen you can gently rub it away with fine steel wool grade #0000. Or if you like you can add a sheet of paper on top. It will not affect performance in any case.

Good luck!

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