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1000hz polling rate please.

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1000hz polling rate please.

Postby Mynibsdontwear » Fri 5. May 2017, 12:45

Default 125 hz polling rate for Wacom tablets is terrible. If I do a fast stroke in let's say Zbrush without lazymouse I get awful dotting. This is not caused by cpu performance or the software. The source of that is 125hz polling rate. Now If I do the same on my 1000hz mouse the line is smooth. Difference is night and day. On top of that 1000hz has a lot less input lag. Basically even archaic mice can be forced into 500-1000hz so there is no excuse to do the same in Wacom's driver.

Polling rate for smooth input is as important as DPI and it is something gamers have know for a long time. It would be nice if Wacom cared to join the modern era.

Second thing. Please add option to disable screen dimming when precision mode is used.

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Re: 1000hz polling rate please.

Postby gustavorios2 » Mon 31. Dec 2018, 16:38

how my cheap mouse have much better performance and less lag than my tablet? we need 1000hz pooling rate asap

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Re: 1000hz polling rate please.

Postby wacom5 » Wed 2. Jan 2019, 09:27

Please understand that the way a mouse with a laser sensor works and the way Wacom Pen and tablet sensor works are not comparable. While I do agree that it is in everyone's interest to get a higher polling rate and reduced "lag" input, please understand that this is not as simple as a USB mouse that uses relative positioning.
Both work very differently.
The tablet handles and processes a lot more data than a mouse would ever need to. I short, the pen positioning works based on triangulation principles and then there is also data (pressure, tilt, side switch input) transmission to be taken into account. This is all transmitted from the pen to the sensor without the aid of batteries or other types of connection. The pen gets charged by the tablet's EM field which in turn feeds the tablet with information. The tablet processes this information and then sends this to the computer.

More information here: https://www.wacom.com/en-ch/enterprise/business-solutions/resources-and-information/emr-benefits
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Re: 1000hz polling rate please.

Postby tempuserr » Wed 24. Feb 2021, 21:34

I post new topic, because my issue is something different:

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