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Issues with drivers and few more.

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Issues with drivers and few more.

Postby Teacakes » Sun 14. May 2017, 00:21


Before I wiped my laptop clean (had issues with another program) my tablet used to completely work. I had pen pressure and all my drivers installed. However, after wiping my laptop, I could no longer download the drivers. My tablet is a Intuos CTH-480 and when I plug into a USB it works as it should with minor issues. Yes I can move my pen around and the touch feature is functional, but whenever I hover it sometimes acts as though I have clicked, and refuses to let go until I either use the laptop's mouse or reclick several times. The four buttons on the top of the tablet does not even do anything when I tap them, and the buttons on the side of the pen does nothing but make my the cursor stop moving until I release the buttons. Also the issue with pen sensitivity, but I'm sure if I can get my driver issue situation fixed, it should also fix the pressure.

With the drivers: When downloading them, it says I'm missing a file.

Now, when I dug around in the folder itself I did find the .dll, so I copied it and placed it in the foremost folder where setup could be found, but when I tried to reopen the application I got another error:

That's pretty much all the issues I've had. I don't understand what's different, and I have tried looking at several solutions. I've even plugged the tablet into a different USB with the same results. I can't remember if the tablet itself came with a CD because I've had this tablet for quite a few years, so I do not have the CD to install anything. However, I do have a CD from an earlier tablet that was a different model, but not sure if that itself could be the fix.

Windows 10, x64

Also if there was a similar issue like this, my search for anything similar yielded no results (that and apparently "driver issues" is too common, which is what exactly what I wanted to look for)

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