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Wacom Intuos Pro Bluetooth lag (and regular lag stacking up) on 6.3.22-6 driver

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Wacom Intuos Pro Bluetooth lag (and regular lag stacking up) on 6.3.22-6 driver

Postby MrAvion » Sun 11. Jun 2017, 21:18

Hi there, for a month now I have my new Intuos Pro.

After one switch the bluetooth finally worked for about a week.
With the new driver most of the other issues with windows Ink got solved.

BUT the lag is still horrible.

I have a windows 10, 32G Ram Workstation. File size should not be an issue...
But on bluetooth the latency (draw a line and line appears half a second later) as well as stacking up lag (daw a bunch of lines an each time the lag becomes greater as if the buffer runs out or so until the brushes do not work at all anymore) is horrible.

That is the same with cable connection but not that severe.

What can we do? Is wacom at some point learning to deal with driver issues? Why can it not fully de-activate windows INK and be a fully dedicated solution? And also, why is this expensive product still sooooo horrible to work with while beeing so good?

Its so incredible frusttrating to spend hours! (unbillable hours by the way!) with dealing with hardware driver issues by wacom.
Now it is the lag ... stacking up of lag... longer latency ... or simply just not recognizing the tablet a few times a day.

Anyone a solution to the lag? Especially on bluetooth?

Thank you very very much!

@Wacom please, please for god sake make a better driver from scratch instead of making it worse with the old solution every single time.

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