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Compatibility problem with Bose companion 5

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Compatibility problem with Bose companion 5

Postby Bazardornis » Mon 3. Jul 2017, 16:13

i've bought a Wacom Intuos, it works fine exept something that i didn't expect.
When i've plug my Bose companion 5 i don't have sound, butwhen the Intuos is unplug it works. Strange, not?

If someone have the fix for this problem here,
thank you

PS: sorry for my bad English, I'm french and learning this language :) .

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Re: Compatibility problem with Bose companion 5

Postby OCDnibwear » Thu 31. Aug 2017, 15:15

This could be potentially an issue with the amount of USB devices attached to your computer via USB hub. Especially if the USB hub is not a powered variant (one that has just one USB cable going into the computer and nothing else). Other than that you may want to check under device manager to see if your computer could see both the USB speaker as well as the pen tablet.
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