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Bamboo drivers not responding - USB locked

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Bamboo drivers not responding - USB locked

Postby Melilyan » Mon 10. Jul 2017, 15:33

Good evening everyone,

I'm having big problems with my bamboo drivers: no matter how many times I've installed and unistalled them, still not responding.

The fact is that in the company I'm working right now, the policy for the PCs implies the complete lock of the system, even USB and Ethernet ports can't be used (aside from mouses and keyboards).

Can the problem be this absurd block on everything? Did the Bamboo needs a free usb port to work?
Someone ever had this problem?

Thank you in advance.
Have a nice week!

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Re: Bamboo drivers not responding - USB locked

Postby wacom1 » Tue 11. Jul 2017, 06:50

If that is a first generation Bamboo without touch, it should at least work as mouse without a driver installed. Later generations need the driver. When attaching the tablet to USB port, Windows should detect it as HID device and the LED light up. Then you can check for problems in device manager. If that looks ok, install the 5.3.5 driver, that should work.

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Re: Bamboo drivers not responding - USB locked

Postby Melilyan » Tue 11. Jul 2017, 07:22

The tablet is a new generation one, with both pen and touch.
When I plug it in the pc reconize it and it works with the touch only as a mouse.
The wakom service seems to be active but i can't stop or reboot it (Always because of the system lock)

But when I open the wakom preferences software or the wakom utility manager, both can't detect any kind of device.

EDIT: I found out that maybe I had the wrong drivers installed. I'll try to install them again.

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