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Mapping for screen size not resolution - request

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Mapping for screen size not resolution - request

Postby swizzleD » Tue 25. Jul 2017, 16:29

I'm calling this a feature request because I don't think you can currently do this. If someone knows work around, please let me know.
I have 2 monitors. 1- 1920x1200; 2-3840x2160.
Despite the vast difference in resolution, the screen size in inches, is not that different. This creates a problem for mapping because the mapping is based on resolution and not on screen size. When I move my cursor from on monitor to the other, they are aligned at the top of screen but gradually become more mis-aligned as I move down until it's so far off, that anywhere lower than 1/2 way down the 4k, the cursor won't even go over to the other monitor because the second monitor is out of resolution.

It would be great to have an option on the mapping tab to scale one monitor up or down.

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Re: Mapping for screen size not resolution - request

Postby wacom1 » Wed 26. Jul 2017, 07:33

Which tablet model do you use and which operating system ? How are the monitors configured (probably extended desktop mode).
If several monitors are used, the driver allows different mappings: map tablet area to monitor1, monitor2 or both monitors combined
If you work with extended desktop mode the display areas are alligned at the top by your operating system - and moving the screen pointer with the mouse from the bigger screen to the smaller will only work in the upper part - even when using a regular mouse or the pen in mouse mode.

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