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Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth driver problem

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Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth driver problem

Postby shjl927 » Fri 28. Jul 2017, 22:01

I bought my PTH-660 tablet with Bluetooth version.

The first time I opened the latest Wacom Desktop Center, it reminded me to update my Bluetooth driver.

However, during the updating, the USB cable disconnected, so the coding process was intermitted.

Then, none of the computers can find the Bluetooth of my tablet. (The way of connection is correct)

Does someone know how to fix it?

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Re: Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth driver problem

Postby wacom4 » Mon 31. Jul 2017, 08:07

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Re: Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth driver problem

Postby RetroSi » Mon 7. Aug 2017, 13:01

I have an answer if the support hasn't helped.
Although this answer isn't the best solution it is one that works for me.
I had a very similar issue to yours.
I uninstalled all the Wacom drivers and the device from the windows control panel section that shows connected devices.
I then reinstalled the Wacom drivers and the bluetooth connection.
Getting the computer to connect to the tablet via bluetooth on a windows 7 pro 64bit is a real pain.
The software has no option to reconnect each time you wish to use the tablet.
The only way I have found to reconnect assuming the drivers are installed correctly is to boot and or reboot the computer and have the tablet searching for a bluetooth connection at the same time,
ie blue light blinking while the computer boots.
In this way the computer goes through its initial checks and near 100% of the time connects to the bluetooh on the tablet.
If it does not the only thing is to do this over again.
I thankfully have a computer with an ssd hard drive and so boots up before the tablets bluetooth stops searching.
If there is anyother way of connecting a tablets bluetooth as in reconnect/pair each time you need to use the tablet can it please be typed in this thread.
It would be far better if there is a way of pairing when you want to use the tablet without the faff.
Thank you and hope my Heath Robinson work around helps for the moment.

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