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Stylus lower opacity than my mouse help

Posted: Mon 31. Jul 2017, 05:42
by MoistMangos
I have the intuos4 and ive been using it for ages but for some reason the stylus is now a lower opacity than my settings on photoshop.
I dont have pressure sensitivity or anything so im not sure how to make it go back to the same settings as photoshop rather than its own
Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: Stylus lower opacity than my mouse help

Posted: Thu 31. Aug 2017, 15:06
by OCDnibwear
Try isolating the issue first by testing the tablet out with another image editing software. Presuming you are using windows, you may want to try disabling "Windows Ink" as well if the former suggestion proved to have the same result.

Other ideas includes the idea of trying the tablet out on another computer to see if you get the same result. Upon reaching this stage and you have not been able to get pressure sensitivity, it is probably a sign of your tablet that is on its way out.