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Intous Art CTH-690AK-S Inking Pens

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Intous Art CTH-690AK-S Inking Pens

Postby artysaz » Fri 11. Aug 2017, 09:29


I'm new to graphics tablets and recently bought an Intous Art tablet. Does anyone know if one of the Wacom inking pens would be compatible with it? I would really like to be able to use paper on the tablet (in hindsight, I probably bought the wrong one...). I've googled for ages but cannot find anything online to say yes or no to compatibility.

Many Thanks.

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Re: Intous Art CTH-690AK-S Inking Pens

Postby OCDnibwear » Thu 31. Aug 2017, 14:57

Googling "Wacom inking pens" and visiting Wacom's online store it states that it is compatible with the Intuos Pro series, therefore it is presumably incompatible.

If you wanted to use paper on tablet, the latest Intuos Pro offers "Paper edition" which allows you to draw on the tablet and to have it digitally recorded within the tablet. However, this can be a costly alternative. If you have already the tablet, you may want to try tracing the images with stylus that was provided with your Intuos Art. A cheaper alternative may also be trying to source a second hand Intuos Pro (e.g. Intuos 4 or Intuos 5, not necessarily Intuos Pro).

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Re: Intous Art CTH-690AK-S Inking Pens

Postby wacom1 » Fri 1. Sep 2017, 07:08

We do not have Inking Pens for the CTH-690A model. There were Inking pens for some older tablet models (Intuos4/5), and the New Intuos Pro 2017 paper edition comes with a FineGel Tip pen and a BallPoint Inking pen is an optional accessory. If possible return the tablet and get Intuos Pro paper edition instead. If you only need a tablet with paper, check out the Bamboo Spark/Folio/Slate devices. They are designed for offline use with paper and Inking pen and later transfer the data to mobile or desktop.

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