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Jagged "lowres" lines

Posted: Thu 29. Dec 2016, 21:25
by lackepav
Please help me with this problem, it's driving me nuts and makes working with the tablet undearable.

After a short while I get this kind of lines
It goes away back to normal lines upon alt+tabbing in and out of photoshop, but returns back to that terrible line quality shortly after that.

What I've already tried:
-Installing the latest 6.3.19-3 driver
-Installing legacy 6.3 6-3 driver - it doesn't work at all on Win10
-Turning off Tablet PC Input service and Windows Ink
-Creating PSUserConfig.txt with UseSystemStylus 0 in Adobe Photoshop Settings folder
-Switching the tablet's cabple from USB3.0 to USB2.0 port
-Turning off one of the monitors as well as switching the primary monitor (my main monitor is also set on the rightmost side)
-Using line smoothing plugin Lazy Nezumi - the lines are still jagged and low res even with massive smoothing
-Turning double click distance off and setting the tablet mode to recognition mode
-Turning on ‘Disable Display scaling on high DPI settings’ in Compatabily tab on Photoshop icon properties
-Giving all the Wacom proccesses high priority in Task Manager

Nothing helped. The tablet doesn't work properly and it's extremely frustrating.

Re: Jagged "lowres" lines

Posted: Mon 9. Jan 2017, 06:30
by lackepav
6.3.20-3 driver didn't bring any changes.

Re: Jagged "lowres" lines

Posted: Thu 12. Jan 2017, 21:29
by lackepav
The scale of the problem correlates with zoom. I zoomed out more with each line stroke and here's what I got -
The middle is most zoomed out. This "steps" are actually visible, when I slowly move the stylys I can see cursor jittering like it has less resolution than actual screen resolution.

Please help solve this problem. I'm desperate over here.

Re: Jagged "lowres" lines

Posted: Fri 13. Jan 2017, 23:15
by maxforward
I'm having the same problem- basically, Wacom is releasing defective drivers.

Re: Jagged "lowres" lines

Posted: Fri 14. Jul 2017, 21:05
by tanibus
I have the same problem! Did you found any solution?

Re: Jagged "lowres" lines

Posted: Mon 17. Jul 2017, 07:20
by wacom1
The tablet driver does not 'know' your document zooming status within an application. It can only send the screen pointer to visible pixels on screen. Lines for invisible pixels are interpolated by the application software. Some programs support 'subpixel accuracy' and can use tablet data directly independent of visibility. Some programs haveat least a 'smoothing' option to improve such lines.