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My buttons arent working

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My buttons arent working

Postby LouisaLib » Tue 5. Sep 2017, 13:28

There's probably a simple fix but I'm useless

I started working with my tablet yesterday with no problems and suddenly one of the two buttons on my stylus started performing a different task? Instead of it moving the page when I press it it is now coming up with the brush features like the other button, thought it would fix by disconnecting, closing Photoshop and restarting my laptop but that hasn't worked and I've now discovered that the buttons on my tablet (intuos draw) aren't working at all.

They aren't serious problems as I used to work without them but as I've gotten used to using them it's become incredibly frustrating and more time consuming to get stuff done. Any one know how to fix this please?

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Re: My buttons arent working

Postby wacom5 » Wed 6. Sep 2017, 13:33

Please open the Wacom tablet properties on your computer.
Navigate to the pen tab at the top. There you can change your button properties and which function is linked to each button.

If you recently have downloaded a new driver but did not restart your computer yet, please do it.

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