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How to change orientation to portrait mode in android sample app - bamboo slate

Posted: Wed 12. Feb 2020, 12:42
by dileepiscalling
Hi, I am using the sample android app present at Wacom github - ... es-android

I am using bamboo slate to test the android app.
I couldn't find any code or reference in their sample app codebase to change the orientation of the bamboo slate to portrait mode.
By default whatever I write on the slate, it appears only in landscape mode in the app.

I couldn't even find the option to change orientation in their documentation.
Their inkspace app has an option to change the orientation. So I guess, it supports that option in their sample app/sdk too.

Someone please shed some light on this - how to change the orientation in their android sdk/sample app.
Banging my head from 3 days to do this.