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Bamboo Spark, Bamboo Slate, Bamboo Folio
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Postby ilunvik » Thu 29. Jun 2017, 21:12

Love the Slate, but here are a few suggestion for how the Slate and its software can be improved! :)

1: Live mode. It is fast and accurate, but why is there no colors or brushes in the Inkspace program? Also, there should be a pixel showing the pen's position before drawing. Combine Inkspace and Bamboo Paper, it will be a killer app! And I want to draw my own buttons on the paper, to choose colors, brushes and tools! :)

2: Device driver. How about developing a device driver to make the Slate work like a the old Wacom tables, but with bluetooth connection? I'd love to be able to use the Slate in Adobe Photoshop kicking back on the sofa! :)

3: Revisiting pages. You often make several pages of notes, but adding text to a previous note is impossible, you have to merge the pages later on your PC og pad. A page button and a LED-display showing the current page would be great, but until the next version, how about pressing the Slate's button 1,2 or 10 or more times to go to that page to continue working?

4: Pensil. I want a HD 0.5 pencil refill, and an eraser on the cap! Pen and paper is great, but pensil and paper is even better! Maybe in the next version?

How about it, Wacom? OK, I'll settle for suggestion 1. :)

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Re: Improvements

Postby wacom1 » Mon 3. Jul 2017, 12:22

For your requests you might want to have a look at the new Intuos Pro tablets: When used with the related pens (Finetip Gel, Ballpoint or Pencil) the tablet switches to paper mode and works very similar to the Slate. The paper edition already includes the Finetip gel pen, but you could get one of the other pens instead. The tablet operates by cable or Bluetooth, can store drawings in internal memory and work in live mode as well.

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Re: Improvements

Postby ilunvik » Mon 3. Jul 2017, 20:31

Thank you for your answer! :) I am more than happy with the hardware of the Slate, it's the software I wish was better.
Just add the live mode to the Bamboo Paper, and I'm one very satisfied customer! :)

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