NEW tablet driver 6.3.23-4 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Fixed: Problem mit modifiers on keyboard in combination with pentip, accidential double-clicks etc. Last update for an issue with ZBrush navigation.

New version for for Windows 6.3.23-1: Fixed various problems - zooming with expresskeys, 'driver not responding' error message and others.

For more details see the driver release notes on the driver download page.

Note: All users seeing wavy lines using a Wacom Pro Pen 2 with Wacom Cintiq Pro 13” or 16”, please update the tablet pen firmware to version to address this issue. The update is now available via the Wacom Desktop Center application on your computer. - There is now also such a firmware update for MobileStudio Pro for this issue.

No reliable sync from Bamboo Folio with InkSpace iOS App

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No reliable sync from Bamboo Folio with InkSpace iOS App

Postby mhurler » Thu 13. Jul 2017, 05:46


in the recent weeks I am heavily suffering from inability to sync pages from the Bamboo Folio with the respective iOS app (latest version). On a regular basis pages are shown with a sync symbol (whirling circle), but this always stays like that. Sometime a couple of pages sync again and then the next ones fail again. Having no reliable syncing is jeopardising the whole purpose of the Folio. I have already tried to re-couple the app with the Folio. No effect. I have also reset the Folio (deleting everything that was still not synced), but after a few pages being synced, the problem reoccured.
I do not know what causes the problem ("hopefully" it is maybe "only" the current iOS app). However, if this continues, I will probably just have to get rid of the Folio, as the regular loss of notes (or the fact that I again have to digitize old style), simply causes to Folio to loose its whole purpose. Just a pity, to have spent this amount of money and after 9 month you just throw it away.

Has anyone an idea on how to tackle my problem? Or is there any information on a potential new version of the iOS app?

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Re: No reliable sync from Bamboo Folio with InkSpace iOS App

Postby wacom1 » Thu 13. Jul 2017, 07:34

Do you have a chance to test it with another device ? The Inkspace App for Windows or OSX can now sync to the Folio. That would help to see, if the problem is with the Folio, your iOS or something else. If you get same problem with other devices, the Folio might have a problem in hardware.

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