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Connection could not be established

Bamboo Spark, Bamboo Slate, Bamboo Folio
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Connection could not be established

Postby ThomasBail » Sun 20. Aug 2017, 16:11

Last week i got my Bamboo Folio and it worked so far verry well. But suddenly i cannot get any connection between the folio and my andriod phone. Resetting the inkscape app does not help. Unfortunatley the coupling process does not work. i never get the blue blinking LED. Is ist possible to make a hardware reset?


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Re: Connection could not be established

Postby wacom1 » Mon 21. Aug 2017, 08:04

If the unit is charging and the green LED coming on, but never starts searching for Bluetooth, something on hardware site is not ok. You can try the reset hole besides the power connector, but then loose all data. If no success contact Wacom technical support in your region.

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Re: Connection could not be established

Postby ThomasBail » Mon 21. Aug 2017, 12:48

Thanks for the info. So the device is broken after one week. I will contact the local support.


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Re: Connection could not be established

Postby marucs » Mon 20. Nov 2017, 20:54

Hi Thomas,
I seem to be having the same problem after trying to pair it with a new smartphone. It was working perfectly before. Did you manage to solve the problem and if so it would be kind of you to tell me how it was solved or if someone from wacom can guide me on this. Thank you.

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Re: Connection could not be established

Postby jonathany70 » Fri 19. Jan 2018, 12:36

This sounds like my issue I had (but after 1 year) - required a replacement device. Wacom support have heard of a few cases like this. I found contacting them via the Chat better than the phone. First get a CASE number , then an RMA number / email

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