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Full compatibility with Windows

Bamboo Spark, Bamboo Slate, Bamboo Folio
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Full compatibility with Windows

Postby bal3ster » Sat 2. Sep 2017, 19:02

Hello, I've been using my Bamboo Spark for quite a long time, but I tired to see "full desktop support for Smartpads coming soon" on the Wacom website (http://www.wacom.com/en/products/apps-services/inkspace).
Does anybody knows if this is actually going to happen (be able to pair the smartpad with a laptop or PC) or is just something that Wacom forgot about?
Comments are welcomed!

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Re: Full compatibility with Windows

Postby wacom4 » Mon 4. Sep 2017, 14:45

We are working on adding Windows support.
Unfortunately this is not as proceeding as quick as we thought. I can only apologize for the delay.

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Re: Full compatibility with Windows

Postby pixelbeast » Thu 8. Feb 2018, 15:21

Hi, How is the "full desktop support" going?. It is Feb 2018 now.
I would really like to use my folio for work, but I just can't if all my meeting notes have to go through my personal phone or through a 3rd party cloud system (due to corporate policies etc.)
If I could upload them to my work windows 10 desktop PC through a bluetooth usb dongle, I think that would be fine.
Until then, I can't really use my Bamboo Folio for work.
I think the pad is REALLY GREAT in every other way, by the way.

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Re: Full compatibility with Windows

Postby wacom1 » Thu 8. Feb 2018, 15:51

The team is still working on this and other improvement for Inkspace and the Inkspace app. I expect to see an update for the software in a few weeks.

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