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Bamboo ink Pen on the yoga 730-15

Bamboo Stylus (all flavors), Fineline, Intuos Creative Stylus,
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Bamboo ink Pen on the yoga 730-15

Postby ireneusB » Sat 8. Sep 2018, 12:59

Hi i have a problem with the wacom pen app with my BambooInk (and activePen2, too) on a yoga 730-15 where the wacom pen app would not show any mousebuttons to assign to the barrelbuttons.
They are just not listed in the list.
If i watch the videos explaining how to install the pens it shows always a different looking app then what i get when i install it on the yoga730-15.
I don't know if it has to do with the german OS i am using (it installs the german version of the app).
I am looking now for 5 day for a solution to that problem but i don't find a single post/video where the app looks like it does for me.

It would be great if someone could tell me what i am doing wrong.
Or maybe someone who can confirm that the BambooInk works fine on a yoga 730-15 (mousebutton listed in the app).
I suspect that the model 730-15 is not supported by the wacom app properly.
And the laptop is useless to me without having the full pensupport (middle mousebuttons for photoshop and zBrush, maya).

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Bamboo ink Pen on the yoga 730-15

Postby wacom4 » Mon 10. Sep 2018, 11:48

Please see for the list of compatible devices.
And note: Sometimes we cannot test all devices quick enough to get new hardware added. So the Yoga 730 can be compatible although not in the list.
When you can control the cursor with the pen the probability is high that Bamboo Ink will work.

Did you already install the Wacom driver for the Bamboo Ink from

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Re: Bamboo ink Pen on the yoga 730-15

Postby ireneusB » Mon 10. Sep 2018, 22:51

thanks for answering. Those drivers from that site do not work here (yoga 730 is not supported by them)
But I have installed the recommended drivers and for the most part the bambooInk is working nicely ( pressure sensitivity as well).
The problem is only that the wacom pen app does not have any mousebuttons listed in the popupList for the 2 barrel buttons (above the radialmenu entry as shown in multiple videos i found on the net to this topic) so i can't assign them. My system is always installing a german version of the app (through microsoftStore). Is that the cause ?
Any idea why those entries in the list would be missing ?
Right and Middlemouse buttons are crucial to most programms i use (navigation in 3d Apps).
So i really need them.
Thanks for trying to help.

Have a nice day,

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Re: Bamboo ink Pen on the yoga 730-15

Postby ireneusB » Thu 13. Sep 2018, 14:47

Why can't anybody tell me in the official wacom forum why their wacom pen app would be missing those entries to assign the Right and Middle Mousebuttons to the barrelbuttons my installed version is 7.5.3
Who else should i be able to ask to get the needed information about your product ?
There has to be a reason why those are missing.
For me the pen is useless (and the laptop having wacoms pen technology support as well) when i can't get that to work.
3d Applications need those!

If i don't get it to work i will have to return pen and laptop on monday.


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