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Bamboo Ink Jitter

Posted: Sun 15. Oct 2017, 06:17
by elepheyeno
I'm on a Lenovo Yoga 720. Drawing straight lines on any drawing app are nearly impossible. Slow movements cause terrible jitter. My laptop supports AES, and my pen works perfectly on display laptops. I can draw a straight line quickly but slowly causes little tiny bumps. I've updated drivers, updated my laptop, and updated AES ( At my wits end. I've even returned and replaced the pen.

Re: Bamboo Ink Jitter

Posted: Sun 15. Oct 2017, 19:03
by wacom1
In which application do you test this ? Some programs handle pen input not so well at certain zoom levels. For testing make sure to be at 100% level, so that each point in the document corresponds to one screenpixel.