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Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Posted: Mon 19. Mar 2018, 07:28
by charliebarter
I just got a bamboo INK for my surface pro.
Unfortunately whenever I press the top button it triggers the windows key to be pressed and stay on. (I can see this by watching the on screen keyboard OSK.exe) With the surface pen the windows key is clicked on then goes off on its own but with the Bamboo it stays on.
This means if i then press tab or d or anything else that normal works with the windows key as a shortcut that shortcut is activated. I.e if i then type a "D" I go to desktop.
This triggered windows key is also obvious because I see "win" by the cursor.
It doesn't go away until I click the windows key on the physical keyboard itself.
Pressing the button in the INK again doesn't turn it off.
Also I cannot click the windows key on the on screen keyboard (OSK.exe), only the physical one oddly. The onscreen one is highlighted, but not clickable.

Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Posted: Thu 22. Mar 2018, 15:54
by wacom4
What happens when you assign any other key to the top button?
Or different?

Do you use the default driver or did you download the driver from



Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Posted: Sat 27. Oct 2018, 16:52
by Cullub

I'm having the exact same problem. It occurs with both the default drivers and the latest drivers from the link you show (Oct '18). Any ideas?


Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Posted: Mon 29. Oct 2018, 11:16
by wacom5
The issue has been reported to our driver team. They are working on it with Microsoft.

Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Posted: Fri 4. Jan 2019, 05:40
by vaaron97
I have had this issue for months! I have been sending emails back and forth with the Wacom support group. The ask the same questions and give the same (incorrect) suggestions to resolve it, and forget what the symptoms of the problem are. I spend the whole time writing emails reexplaining what they already know. They won’t look in email thread from the last communication before they make assumptions and prescribe remedies. They don’t do their homework. It is very frustrating.
The pen is advertised as “optimized for windows ink.” The Microsoft surface brand pen works fine. They keep suggesting it is not an issue with their pen, claiming that their device uses Microsoft protocols to execute all of the button functionality. Well, Wacom, I have a revelation for you: if that was true, either your pen would work fine, or the Microsoft pen would have the same issue of locking the windows button.
Let this be a lesson for anyone who thinks a wacom stylus is a good idea. Spend the few extra bucks and get the Microsoft pen. It is optimized for windows ink, while the Wacom ink stylus is just a $60 black turd. Don’t buy.

Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Posted: Fri 4. Jan 2019, 08:52
by wacom5
Sorry for your less positive experience. Unfortunately the support team cannot help in this case as there is no known workaround. Please don't blame them fro trying. The driver team is aware and looking into possible solutions. Please bear with us a little longer.