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Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Bamboo Stylus (all flavors), Fineline, Intuos Creative Stylus,
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Joined: Sat 27. Oct 2018, 16:50

Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Postby Cullub » Thu 18. Apr 2019, 06:03

Can confirm it's still a problem. I just installed all the latest drivers and software and updates, and I still have this same problem. Only happens for the top button. My guess is that the pen is sending a WIN DOWN keystroke, but some dev forgot to send the WIN UP one afterword. Per this MSft doc (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/window ... en-designs), single click is WIN+F20, double-click is WIN+F19, and click-and-hold should send WIN+F18.

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Joined: Sat 9. Mar 2019, 15:33

Re: Bamboo INK - stuck toggled windows key

Postby EvaldasB » Thu 25. Apr 2019, 16:45

Well, that sounds like a really good reason for this problem to happen. Did you try to check what inputs your pc receives with a keystrokes register?

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