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Pen lag Bamboo ink, Yoga 720-15, ZBrush

Bamboo Stylus (all flavors), Fineline, Intuos Creative Stylus,
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Pen lag Bamboo ink, Yoga 720-15, ZBrush

Postby Martin » Wed 26. Sep 2018, 16:00

I purchased a Yoga 720-15 to be mobile with ZBrush. So far, doesn't work out too well.

First problem: Horrible pen lag in ZBrush: When I draw a stroke with the Bamboo ink in ZBrush, at first nothing happens. Only after I draw a certain distance (some mm), the cursor snaps into place and drawing works normally. Or if you move a slider, at first nothing happens, then it jumps from 0 to 30 (example) and then goes smoothly. Drawing fine detail is impossible with this behaviour of course. I wrote "pen lag", but it is not a delay or slowness, it is a minimum distance then pen needs to move before the stroke is registered.

This sounds pretty much like the problems Photoshop CC had when Windows Ink was updated. I tried the LegacyPenInteractionModel fix that was suggested elsewhere and it helps: It reduces the "lag" distance, but it is still there. Behavior is nowhere near what I get from my Intuos tablet on the desktop. The 1803 update did not change this bug

Drawing with the Bamboo Ink in the windows drawing area works perfectly - no lag, no delay.
The ZBrush support said there is nothing they can do, they get the data from the pen driver. So here I am.

Any idea?

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Re: Pen lag Bamboo ink, Yoga 720-15, ZBrush

Postby wacom5 » Thu 27. Sep 2018, 09:24

Sounds like this could be related to the other topic you posted: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1853
Please try the solution there and let me know if this improves.

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Re: Pen lag Bamboo ink, Yoga 720-15, ZBrush

Postby Martin » Thu 27. Sep 2018, 16:47

As I wrote in the referred thread, the "flicks" option seem to have disappeared in the current 1803 windows version.

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Re: Pen lag Bamboo ink, Yoga 720-15, ZBrush

Postby Martin » Fri 28. Sep 2018, 17:06

I don't think it has to do with flicks, which can't be disabled in 1803 anyway.
Doesn't the LegacyPenInteractionModel fix ring any bells with you?

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