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Bamboo Ink and Windows update problem

Bamboo Stylus (all flavors), Fineline, Intuos Creative Stylus,
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Bamboo Ink and Windows update problem

Postby Jorem1986 » Sat 30. Mar 2019, 17:21

Hello everyone,

I have a Bamboo ink stylus and a Lenovo Yoga 530. It worked perfectly until the latest update from Windows. Since then, I can't achieve a 100% of opacity level when I'm painting with the "Transfer" option enabled on softwares like Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. Even If I press as hard as I can, I can't reach that level, causing an overlapping of my brushstrokes on the parts where they should be completely opaque. I attached an image of the problem to illustrate it:


I had the same problem with a monitor display that I have from other brand, and I solved it installing an older driver. I saw people solving this kind of problems on Cintiqs disabling the option "Use Windows Ink" on the Wacom preferences, but my stylus drivers do not have this option (which would be a good idea to include on next releases).

Please anyone has an idea of how can I solve it. Microsoft and Lenovo didn't solve my problem when I asked them. Thanks!


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Re: Bamboo Ink and Windows update problem

Postby wacom5 » Mon 1. Apr 2019, 10:06

Hello Jorge.

Can you please confirm which version of the Wacom driver you have installed? Please make sure you have the latest one - http://us.wacom.com/en/feeldriver/

Typically, how pen pressure applies in controlled solely by the drawing software so I would double-check your PS and Sketchbook settings as well.

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